How does all this work anyway? As I am just figuring out how to use WordPress, I thought I’d tell you a little more about myself.

I am a first time blogger so I am not sure where to begin. I decided to write a blog, about the things I care for a lot. Many of these topics, seem to be uninteresting to the people around me. My colleagues – who are the people I spend the most time with, besides my boyfriend – are all rather indifferent about my frugal lifestyle. They shake their heads at me when I talk about prepping and couldn’t even imagine, living one week without their television, or not having a slab of meat on their dinner plate. On the other hand, it sure seems like there are many people around the globe, with the same ideas and interests as myself.

That is also why I chose to write this blog in English. English is not my first language. I’m Danish and I live in Sweden, but I feel that it would be limiting, to write in a Scandinavian language. With that said, I hope you will all look past any grammatical mistakes I may make. Grammatical errors can make me twitch too, but not as much as people pointing them out, if they have nothing else to say 😉

For years I’ve wanted to put together a small “zine”, you know little ideas, sayings, cool pictures, DIY stuff and small collages glued onto folded paper and photocopied. I never got around to it and I guess we are in a different age now, so taking the project online seemed right.

Even though I live a frugal life, I allow myself to go to concerts and to buy a bottle of liquor from time to time. I’ve been to some cool shows over the years. Rather than going out to the bar, I prefer to make drinks at home. I work a part time job in a bar and I know just as well as you do, that when you’ve bought about 3 drinks you could have brought home a nice bottle for the same amount of money.

So the topics I hope to touch on are how to save money, getting your expenses under control, planning ahead, recipes for both food and drinks, and probably a fair amount of rambling. I hope that you will all find it interesting 🙂