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By making a food plan you make it easier for yourself to put together a good shopping list and you can use leftovers cleverly. A simple food plan for 2 weeks time could look like this.

Monday            Falafel with rice and veggies
Tuesday           Pita with leftover falafel and veggies
Wednesday      Pasta w. tomato sauce
Thursday         Lasagna from the leftover pasta and sauce, add veggies, bake
Friday              Wok w. rice
Saturday          Spring rolls with rice and veggies mixed together
Sunday            Soup made from anything you might need to use before it goes bad

Monday           Nori rolls
Tuesday          Pasta salad with leftover veggies from Nori rolls
Wednesday      Baked roots and onions
Thursday         Potato pizza
Friday              Mashed potatoes
Saturday          Veggie paddies with leftover mash
Sunday            Soup made from anything you might need to use before it goes bad

We hardly EVER throw away food. Some people might think, that the things we do to save food,  is just really taking it too far. But I don’t like to waste anything. Butt ends of bread taste just fine if you toast it or make croutons to add to your homemade soups (will add recipe later). Vegetable cuttings that are often thrown away, like carrot tips and ends, cabbage cores, broccoli stems and the part of an onion that isn’t the dry peel but simply too tough or unappealing to eat, all make a very good vegetable broth. I will add a recipe when I have enough veggie scraps to make broth. Till then I suggest that you designate a freezer bag for vegetables you wanna use in your broth. Be smart and don’t use anything that has gone bad!

Another thing that is important to mention is: Plan for leftovers! Make sure you have enough food to have leftovers. I think it is great to not have to begin from scratch every time I cook a meal. This way you make it very easy on yourself every other day. An easy way to plan ahead is to know how much one person actually eats (rice or spaghetti etc.). I use these guidelines pr. person:

80 grams/1 dl. uncooked rice
200 – 250 grams potatoes
80 – 100 grams dry pasta/spaghetti
200 – 250 grams fresh pasta